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Welcome to my blog whether its just for a laugh or for to find out whats new in the world of sex toys and lingerie. This is a very fast moving world especially the sex toys coming soon apps for your phone to operate your latest toy by. Until know these apps and toys have cost a lot of money But Satisfyer have announced this month they are releasing a range of new toys to fit every bodies pockets along with the apps to suit more about that as it becomes known one bright spark who i wont name said Vibrate anywhere for pennies instead of pounds. Ladies we all have done it sat in the loo with a pocket vibrator pleasing yourself so when these new toys arrive you will be able to sit in the cafe or pub and have a smile all over your face and only you will know why just dont give out your app to your phone or a orgasm could happen when you least expect it on the other hand you might want that to happen.

Whats on around the globe.

January 12 - 13 2020 ANME Show, Los Angeles USA

January 13 - 17 2020 XBIZ Show, Los Angeles USA

January 23 - 26 2020 AVN Adult Ent. Expo, Los Angeles USA

February 16 - 18 2020 INDX Intimate Apparel, Solihull, UK

March 14 - 15 Eroticon, London UK

March 15 - 16 ETO Show, Coventry UK (TRADE ONLY)

Some of the above events are open to the public best check there websites to be sure that entry is permitted.

More info as and when it all becomes available until the next time go and enjoy sex do not be afraid to experiment.



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